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For more than 20 years, Moser Consulting has been the go-to source for exceptional IT talent with the ability to self-manage. Our consultants are not just focused on the technology – they vest themselves in the success of your business to become trusted, long term technology partners developing cost-effective solutions to achieve your business goals.

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Accelerating development in the Cloud


When United Health Actuarial Services, Inc. (UHAS) started to outgrow their existing IT infrastructure, Moser Managed Services stepped in and delivered a more reliable, robust, and scalable solution. Moser implemented file servers in the home office and migrated the UHAS file servers previously hosted at a local datacenter to the cloud, hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS). With the enhanced setup in AWS, UHAS realized SQL query run-times were 30 times faster than on the old system and having all their data hosted in the same environment allows them to load data into SQL Server considerably faster. Outages have been snuffed out, databases are now operating faster and more reliably, large files can be transferred securely through their SFTP site, and multiple measures are in place to prevent the loss of data and secure its storage and transmission in accordance with HIPAA security standards.

Accelerating development in the Cloud


After winning a Federal contract to automatically screen healthcare providers and suppliers, a Federal Contractor inherited an antiquated and costly development environment running on End-of-Life equipment. Moser designed and deployed a three-tier replica of the legacy production environment in AWS. Our customer now enjoys improved development velocity, reduced costs, improved consistency, and a repeatable implementation model and methodology for future environments regularly and routinely.

Federal Contractor Improves Contract Metrics


A Federal Contractor was not performing to contract requirements due to poor infrastructure stability and performance in addition to failing audit scores. Moser consultants partnered with the customer to modernize infrastructure, reduce cost, exceed contract performance requirements, and achieve perfect audit scores.

Organized Management of IT Services Leads to Savings


An Indiana-based health and wellness program provider was dissatisfied with the cost of outsourcing their stack deployment, configuration and automation. Using Ansible, Moser helped the provider automate the deployment and configuration of their AWS stack. As a result, they are able to remove the 3rd party integration, better manage their stack and deployments, and enjoy reduced operating costs.

Processing data allows for expansion of mobile options

The Moser Data & Analytics team re-engineered the point of sale system of an international food services company at the main data warehouse, which allowed for double the data to be processed in a fraction of the time. This provided timely reporting with empowering analytics for the management team‘s daily decision making and enabled the company to move forward with increased mobile ordering and delivery options.

Health Check of Systems Reveal Gaps

Moser was engaged by a client with a critical performance issue.  The Moser team started the engagement by running the Moser SQL Server Health Check, which identified numerous performance and configuration issues.  Upon applying the recommended stability fixes, disaster recovery fixes and performance recommendations, the performance improved dramatically. 
The graph above shows wait time on the database per day (wait times is on the vertical axis and the day is on the horizontal axis of the graph).  The first set of recommendations were implemented on August 10; the second set on August 22. This resulted in a total of 58% performance improvement.

IRIS Works

Delivered as a SaaS application, Iris provides independent photographers and small photography studios with a suite of tools helping them organize and run their businesses. Users can manage leads and create email marketing campaigns, create task workflows around customer photo shoots, build custom online surveys, execute work contracts with customers through online signatures and approvals, manage finances through an invoicing and billing module, and upload customer photos for review in online galleries.

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

Moser Consulting was contracted by a health agency to ensure their systems were running as they should be, and to assist in moving databases. The client was not aware of any issues; however, on the first day of the engagement, Moser consultants ran a Moser SQL Server Health Check.  The Health Check showed that one of the client’s main database servers was out of disk space, which was going to cause an outage to a central application that the hospital relied on.  Moser presented this finding to the staff and the outage was prevented.  

Saving Money by Organizing Databases

A local organization was spending $388,000 dollars to license SQL Server across their environment.  Moser embarked on a Database Consolidation project to better utilize hardware and consolidate from 15 database servers to 3 database servers.  After the project, the licensing cost was $62K.  This is a savings of $325,000 dollars.

Regular System Outages Avoided

A company that monitors checkout areas in stores contracted Moser Consulting when their database application became unresponsive to the point the client was restarting their database 3-4 times a week.  This caused lengthy outages and reduced productivity.  Moser consultants came in and set up a Moser Health Check.  While still in the monitoring phase, one of these events occurred allowing the team to identify the root cause of this issue as a segment of poor performing queries.  The Moser team identified and implemented missing indexes, which fixed the performance of these queries.  This stabilized the entire application as well as improved the overall performance.

Subscription Websites

A series of subscription websites leveraged a custom-developed framework to allow customers to sign up for recurring products and services. Online payment profiles, gift subscriptions and options for frequency allowed users complete control of their account. Tools for automating shipping, label creation and custom gift tag creation were constructed and provided to the customer admin. Additional tools allowed the client to project upcoming subscription levels for product fulfillment planning.

Missing Data

A national device component manufacturer approached Moser Consulting with an issue of critical sales data disappearing from their database.  The company had verified that the data was in the database originally, but then the data disappeared.  Moser quickly set up a few troubleshooting tasks. Moser accurately identified the area in the client code that was causing the data to go missing and immediately fixed the problem.

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Moser attracts the highest quality professionals and provides each with an average of more than 50 hours of company-paid training each year to keep them on the cutting edge of the IT industry. We invest in our people so they can invest in you and your business doing what they do best – producing innovative solutions to technology problems.

Both at our Indianapolis headquarters and our Baltimore office, our employees are our greatest asset. Our culture gives us a competitive advantage by keeping our employees happy, healthy, and by lowering stress levels in a very demanding industry. It is no accident that we are recognized as one of the Best Places to Work in Indiana. We focus on giving employees: an incredible work space; a fun, collaborative, and creative atmosphere; an extremely generous compensation package; and dozens of outstanding and unique perks usually not found at one company.

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