Google Cloud Dataproc allows Moser to develop and deploy big data solutions that leverage other key Google Cloud Platform services to quickly address our clients’ needs.

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Moser’s ‘Quick Start Lambda Architecture’ project is a great example, allowing our clients to set up both streaming and batch analytics capabilities for data coming to Google Cloud Platform in a matter of hours.

Easy to Use

The ability to manually scale, utilize initialization actions, and leverage preemptive virtual machines means Cloud Dataproc clusters can be tailored based on individual needs. Easily create and scale clusters to run native:

    Spark SQL

Low Cost

With a low price and minute-by-minute billing, customers no longer need to worry about the economics of running a persistant Spark or Hadoop cluster to unlock the benefits of fast, efficient, and reliable data processing.

    Low and fixed price
    Minute-by-minute billing
    Fast cluster provisioning, execution, and removal
    Ability to manually scale clusters based on needs


Integration with Cloud Platform provides immense scalability, ease-of use, and multiple channels for cluster interaction and management. Seamless integration into other Google Cloud products means data is more accessable, operations are easy to monitor, and scaling is a non-issue.

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For More information, check out the Google Cloud Dataproc site.

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Ad-hoc Data Mining & Analysis

Need: A customer uses Spark standalone on one computer to perform data mining and analysis. The data is stored locally and they are using the Spark shell to examine the data along with Spark SQL.

How Dataproc addresses this need: Dataproc can create clusters that scale for speed and mitigate any single point of failure. Since Dataproc supports Spark, Spark SQL, and PySpark, they could use the web interface, Cloud SDK, or the native spark shell via SSH to perform their analysis safe from a single machine failure.

Dataproc value: Dataproc quickly unlocks the power of the cloud for anyone without added technical complexity. Running complex computations now take seconds instead of minutes or hours.