building your big data strategy

Moser Big Data Services provides support to clients at all maturity stages of Big Data technologies to help them attain their organizational objectives. Moser Consulting is focused on combining our experience and skills with your internal resources to achieve your goals.

Moser leverages our big data partnerships with leading vendors, so you can feel confident that your Big Data implementation will be secure, robust, and fully backed by industry leaders.

Moser Big Data Services follows a proprietary five phase approach to serve clients in their design, implementation, and management of Big Data. Our proven methodology covers the entire Big Data life cycle, and includes:


In this initial phase, Interviews are conducted with the executives, project sponsors, technical architects and other identified stakeholders for implementation responsibilities. Collectively, this lays the foundation for the “Art of Possible” by understanding the makeup of both the business and technical sides of your business.


Next, using our analysis from the Uncover phase, the value and potential of Big Data is explored with your management. Scope, goals, and use cases are defined and detailed in this phase. Resulting business requirements are documented, which will serve as the foundation for the Design phase.


During this phase, the architecture for the Big Data solution is then designed in collaboration with you, Moser Consulting, and vendor personnel. Data sources and internal ownership factors are detailed and documented. A technical solutions blueprint is created for the project. Finally, business requirements are refined to meet the technical solutions and an Integrated Project Plan is produced.


In this phase, the implementation team performs the work identified and assigned in the Integrated Project Plan. Security and system testing is performed, and the Big Data solution is exercised to deliver the desired outcomes. Along the way, adjustments are made for any unplanned circumstances. The final product of this phase is an operational Big Data system.

Manage and Empower

Responsibilities, measurements and alternatives for the actual operation of the Big Data solution are identified and assigned during this ongoing phase. The developed use cases are applied under the selected life cycle and your personnel are mentored in system management by our consultants. The end result is that your business is empowered with data-driven output and value is delivered.