Over the course of the Application Development Summer Internship, I was introduced to multiple software platforms. As a rising sophomore at South River High School, a lot of this software was new to me. I am currently in the computer science pathway at my school, because of the strong interest I have in not only application development, but also game development. When the opportunity for an application development internship came up, I applied immediately.

Some of the new software I learned to use over the course of my internship was repositories such as Bitbucket. This software was incredibly helpful for having places you could store your code without just copy and pasting. Other software I learned to use was Jira and Confluence. What was interesting about these three tools was that while they are all connected, each specializes in different things. For example, the Jira Software is where certain parts of the project would be assigned, and you could check in and report on your assignments. You could also look at the scrum board and see what stage your tasks are at. I especially loved working at Moser because of all the help I had. Everyone who was part of my team was incredibly helpful while working on the summer project. Overall, working at Moser this summer as an application developer was an amazing learning experience and I am glad I was able to help on the project.