I first started to learn about computer science at the age of 16. I am currently a computer science major at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. My area of focus is artificial intelligence and machine learning. My previous research experience involved modeling heart cells to get a better understanding of how Calcium Signaling affects the cycle of the heart cell.

The proposal app is a new tool that is being developed for the use of proposal writers. The application itself provides an easy interface for proposal writers to collaborate through workflows and make for a more streamlined process. This allows clients to push through more proposals. My role was to implement machine learning in order to add a suggestion feature. To accomplish this, I used AWS Comprehend. Amazon Comprehend is a natural language processing service that uses machine learning to discover insights from text. It provides APIs for key phrase extraction, sentiment analysis, entity recognition, topic modeling, and language detection. With the use of AWS Comprehend, I analyzed the text in past proposals by calling these APIs. AWS Comprehend then uses this text to find trends in language, syntax, and key phrases to allow the application to train a model that can make suggestions to proposal writers based on previous proposals.