by Isaiah Wolf

August 13, 2019

Best Company to Work for in Indiana, an Intern’s Perspective

On April 30, 2019 Moser Consulting was named the Best Place to Work in Indiana among medium-sized organizations. This award was presented and voted on by the Indiana Chamber, determined through employer reports and employee surveys. As one of two interns fortunate enough be employed by the Best Place to Work in Indiana, my experience was unique compared to full-time employees that saw the steady growth that led to this award. I began work shortly after Moser Consulting won the award and set out to find my own answers as to why they deserved it. These reasons differed from full-time employees, but what I found was that Moser constantly flexes to fit the needs of their workers, and they flexed to fit me too.


At the University of Dayton, where I will be resuming education as a Junior, the idea of community is held close. For me, it means being in an ecosystem that prioritizes constant improvement and kindness, and I saw this in Moser. Throughout my day to day work, I felt this sense of community whenever I approached a peer. I was given plenty of meaningful tasks to do and encouraged to ask questions to grow into the role I was given.  Most impressive to me as an intern, I was never set aside or ignored due to my lack of experience or age. Instead, I was taken to sales meetings and put face-to-face with current and potential clients. My superiors recognized my weaknesses, but chose to expose me to unfamiliar situations, prioritizing my future growth over my current ability.


The attitude of employees within Moser was amazing. While it might be a stretch to say Moser’s employees are excited to go to work, they keep a constant positive energy in the workplace. This makes the workday pass much quicker and efficiently, rather than focusing on when the day ends. This was a good lesson for me to learn early, sitting around wishing a workday away just results in more unfinished work and a lack of creativity for new projects. Every employee in the office wishes well for their coworkers, and many assist each other often in different areas of expertise. I learned that the ability and attitude necessary to complete good group work is essential in the consulting environment, as it is a rare that a single employee has all the skills necessary for a multi-level project.


Moser understands what it means to trust and invest in employees. Through their extensive list of benefits, Moser offers opportunities to learn new technologies and skills. Many companies are naturally less likely to invest in interns as their role is less impactful when compared to others, but Moser gave me every opportunity possible to learn different technologies related to my position. Full-time employees are even able to submit training proposals on the company website, allowing them to choose their own professional development path. Moser Consulting understands that investing in employees allows them to invest in the company in return.

In conclusion, I feel privileged to have interned at Moser Consulting. Along with being one of Indiana’s best places to work, it was one of the best places to intern as well.



Isaiah Wolf

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