I am a Database Administrator intern with Moser Consulting, my experience has been unique compared to other internships. The Coronavirus pandemic has changed my internship experience by having to work from home without having the office experience. While it was a different internship experience than usual, I still learned a lot from it and had a great internship experience. Let me tell you what I learned and a little about my experience.


Being an intern at Moser Consulting was a great experience because I learned a wide variety of different tools and skills. I enjoyed the internship because I was able to experience working on operating systems like Windows Server 2019 and Red Hat Linux. My favorite experience from the internship was being able to talk to the Practice Directors from some of the company departments. I loved hearing about the daily work that they had to do, how they got into the field, and what their job title was. Also, if I had any questions, they were more than willing to answer all of them.

What I learned:

As a database administrator, you are asked to do a lot of back up/recoveries and to be able to do database management in different operating systems. I ended up performing recoveries from all types of fail states and different backups like hot and cold backups. I worked with Microsoft Windows 2019 while installing and configuring SQL Server 2019 and SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio). I also spent some time embedded with an application development scrum team that was utilizing DynamoDB and AWS. Having never worked with AWS DynamoDB or AWS CLI (Command Line Interface), I spent time researching it and getting guidance from mentors before I was able to effectively use them. While my focus is on database administration, getting exposure to application development gave me another view of the IT world.


While being an intern, you spend a good amount of time looking for work to do. You should always seek work in some way, whether you are asking mentors for work or doing some side projects that are related to your work that you can show to your mentors. This will show you work hard, and you have a strong desire to learn more about the work you are doing. Another piece of advice I want to give is: never miss an opportunity to learn something. If there is a meeting with a Practice Director or a meeting that you can sit on, you should attend them and think of questions to ask if allowed.