Real World Experiences at Moser

While hunting for work for my summer internship, I was on the lookout for an enriching work experience that allowed for me to interact with professionals who work in the actual fields I have been studying in college. When I heard about the opportunity for me to spend my summer at Moser Consulting, I jumped at the chance. I thought it would be a perfect way to get the experience I was looking for. Working on the Managed Services Team allowed me to develop many skills that are necessary for succeeding in the IT world, while also interacting with clients on a face-to-face basis.


Throughout the course of the internship I was assigned two main projects. The first of the two was to develop a website intended for the clients to solve many common troubleshooting issues without external help. The development process began by taking documentation from Microsoft SharePoint and migrating it to a site created on Google Sites. After some testing with product, we made the decision to move to Adobe Muse instead, in order to create a more sustainable and secure site. This switch allowed me to create a better, more flexible design, and allowed for easier access for Moser employees to update the site with new information. The structure of the site consists of a Moser homepage which can direct more employees to many tools that are often used, such as SolarWinds and MSP Manager. This homepage will also direct to each client’s homepage. This happens through Connect2Moser, and these client pages will hold client-specific information. This project gave me plenty of experience in working on a project and developing a solution that can meet all the needs and criteria required of it. It allowed for me to creatively work on a solution so I could find the best technology to build the best product for the customer.

The second phase of this internship involved learning about database administration focused solely around Power BI reporting. I was tasked with pulling data from the SolarWinds ticketing system into Microsoft Excel then exporting that data to MS Power BI and writing a report there. These were very useful skills to learn because they incorporated much of what I was learning in school; studying mathematics and computer science. I learned many valuable skills working with Power BI, such as writing queries, understanding database structure, and how to access data.

Insightful Experiences

Working for managed services at a consulting company means that I worked with clients often. Having face-to-face interactions with our customers and helping them troubleshoot was a very enriching experience. This allowed for me to develop my ability to communicate effectively, politely, and professionally in a work environment. This was probably even the most important skill I will take with me into life that I was able to build here during my internship. As my internship comes to a close I have found that I gained many hard-skills and soft-skills this summer that will prepare me for a career after school is over, and I am extremely thankful to Moser for giving me that.