Like most companies, Moser Consulting was blindsided by COVID; we were completely unprepared for the initial onset. As a company, our Human Resources staff rushed to find a long-term solution to the problem of returning to the office and how to ensure the safety of the rest of our staff.

Steven Peavey, a Moser engagement manager, came up with one interesting part of a solution. By creating a Formstack form, we could survey employees before entering the office by asking them to take their temperature and tell us whether they had been showing an COVID-like symptoms. This system was given the green light and put into place. It logs the results of each person’s test and is automated to email the HR and Administration Teams when filled out, whether positive or negative.

The form also saves entries, to ensure we are in accordance for the CDC and OSHA workplace requirements for COVID-19. In addition to helping employees feel safe, the form requires everyone to recognize the risk of entering the workplace and that they are healthy and able to do so.

Below you can see how the entry of the form looks for a standard user.

Moser is now offering this form to any client or competitor that wishes to use it, in order to help curb COVID-19 and how it may be affecting other workplaces. The only charge is the Formstack subscription of $18 per month that Formstack bills for access to their service.

In all, I was glad to be a part of a company who did what they do best in the face of a new challenge, rise up and provide solutions, and in this case share them with others who might need them.