by Greg Nelson

September 15, 2018

Interning at Moser, Beating The Catch-22

In the IT world, sometimes it’s tough to gain experience when you have no experience. One of the best ways to break out of this Catch-22 situation to land an internship with a company who is innovating and has real work in spaces of technology that are in demand. This past summer, I was lucky enough to intern with one of those companies, Moser Consulting.  

As a computer science major, I’ve spent plenty of time learning how to program in the classroom and banging out coding assignments in the computer lab. What I really wanted to do though was develop a real-world application, and I was able to achieve that goal during my internship at Moser. 

The App

One of the best perks of working for Moser is their fully-stocked kitchen. The location here in Baltimore keeps a variety of snacks and other groceries on-hand for hungry staff. After meeting a few times with my mentor at Moser, Colby Miller, we decided that my main project for the summer would be to create a smartphone app that would allow the staff in the Baltimore office to request different grocery items, and then also see others’ requests to like or comment on them.  Application administrators are able to approve, deny, and delete these requests and organize the order information in a streamlined fashion. Since our office manager is named Faith, we called the app Better Call Faith. :) 

The Technology

Having never used React Native or done any mobile development for that matter, I spent the first part of my summer working through tutorials online and getting guidance from other developers at Moser who were always willing to help. Once I was ready, I got to work through an entire app development cycle; from gathering requirements, to drafting a wireframe, to finally creating a tangible product. This was a valuable and rewarding experience that allowed me to work in a real-world environment and gain marketable skills. 

While I spent a most of my time working on Better Call Faith, another important part of my experience was getting an understanding of other parts of the IT world, and how they fit into Moser as a whole. I got to sit in on various Lunch and Learn sessions where different teams would meet with me and discussed what they did on a day to day basis. I even got a glimpse into the life of a network engineer when I helped that team run wires in the data center. While my main interest is in development, getting exposure to these various disciplines gave me a more wholistic view of the IT world. 

As my internship comes to an end I would like to thank everyone here at Moser for making my experience an educational and enjoyable one. I have learned many valuable lessons that will continue to pay dividends both academically and professionally.


Greg Nelson

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