In Episode 2 of ASCII Anything, a podcast produced by Moser Consulting, host Angel Leon welcomes Lou Russell, Moser Consulting’s Managing Director of Learning and they talk about the challenges and learning opportunities that exist for IT Leadership. Their discussion covers a wide range of topics, including failing your way to success, no one being born a leader, and some of the demands and decisions those who aspire to lead will face. For example…letting go of the day-to-day programming or other hands-on IT work in order to have the time and focus to lead.

As an executive consultant, speaker, and author Lou channels her passion for creating growth in companies through their people. Lou inspires greatness in leadership, projects, emotional intelligence, and teams.  She is the author of 9 popular books on IT, HR, and Project Management, including IT Leadership Alchemy, a book that features practical, hands-on help to grow leadership.  Lou blends her stories with practices and discussions that help you grow. Encouraged by Lou’s upbeat and intentional style, her students leave with new tools and renewed hope.  They laugh, participate, and get challenged. But most importantly to Lou, they learn.

From the book IT Leadership Alchemy, Prentice Hall, Lou Russell:

IT leaders are over taught to deal with the technical challenges but ill-equipped to deal with the people issues. It is time for change. The business needs IT to thrive. IT needs to learn collaboration with the business through strong leadership skills. People and relationships make technology useful. Strong IT leadership can grow teams who can meet and exceed business goals. 

Today’s IT leaders must manage unprecedented rates of change and growth in a radically new and extraordinarily complex environment. It is time to identify the core relationship management skills that underlie every facet of successful IT leaders.

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