Do you have social media accounts dedicated to your professional career? What comes up when you Google your name? 

Your answer to these questions will depend on whether or not you’ve spent time developing your personal brand. When taking time to establish a professional presence online, you can leverage your social platforms and content to help your target audience get to know you and your expertise. 

This article will talk about the power of personal branding and how it can enhance your career.

What is Personal Branding?

Personal branding is the process of creating and establishing your public persona for a target audience. When curating a personal brand, you have to consider how you communicate with your audience online. Personal branding helps your audience know what to expect from your presence. Social media is a crucial element of personal branding, but only when the persona you present is backed up and confirmed by your behaviors.

Your personal brand should also let people know what you stand for, your goals, values, purpose, and boundaries. Sharing articles and observations or anecdotes through social media or a website can help reinforce your truth by showing your story instead of telling it. Individuals can use platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Tick Tock, or their own website for personal branding, depending on the field they are in and their personal preferences. For instance, an influencer may use Instagram as their main platform for personal branding while a sales representative may use LinkedIn as their main platform. Individuals can also have their brand across multiple platforms. 

An important element of personal branding is authenticity. It can be off-putting when someone presents themselves one way on social media or in their workplace and then behaves entirely differently in other areas of their life.

Why is Personal Branding So Important?

A personal brand comes with many benefits that can affect your career in a positive way. Here are 5 reasons why personal branding is important: 

Personal Branding Builds Trust and Confidence

Creating an online reputation creates trust and helps you establish credibility. When it comes to thriving in a competitive environment, both of these elements are critical. Personal branding can act as a platform to quickly build connections with confidence and trust—ideally making it easier for clients, customers, or coworkers to be comfortable working with you. One of the easiest ways to build these two qualities is to be genuine and authentic. You will see a large amount of growth on your platform after you start engaging with your audience in a trusted way. The most important way to do this is to be true to yourself, your expertise, and your experiences. Don’t try to be someone else. 

Personal Branding Establishes Your Expertise

Creating a personal brand isn’t limited to making yourself trustworthy and confident; it can also help you become more authoritative in your field of expertise. First impressions matter, so being strategic when it comes to presenting yourself online can pay off because your audience will remember you for what makes you valuable and unique.  Plan out what you are going to share and when you’re going to share it. When creating a successful personal brand, people will know to come to you about matters in your expertise.

Personal Branding Helps You Build More Relationships

There can only be so many one-on-one conversations we can have with our audience, which limits the amount of people we can actually reach out to and build genuine relationships with. 

Building a personal brand online can be a solution to this. A personal brand allows you to have more one-to-many conversations, allowing you to publish blog posts on social media posts and have a larger audience listen and interact with your content. 

To amplify the relationships you are building, it is important to create content on your platforms for your audience to read and interact with. 

Personal Branding Can Build Consistency

A personal brand builds consistency in the tone, content, messaging, voice, and overall image you convey to the audience. A personal brand that stays consistent across online and offline platforms helps your audience get to know you and trust you and helps keep your focus on your goals, values, purpose, and boundaries.

Although consistency is important, a personal brand can also be a life-long project that is allowed to evolve.

Personal Branding Can Let Your Personality Shine  

Your personal brand is where you can set yourself apart from the crowd and tell your story however you want to. A personality is what makes each person unique and memorable, and it’s important to show your personality in your personal brand. 

Letting your personality shine will help you find the people that resonate with your ideals and values. Regardless of what your project is, what products you are selling, or whatever your expertise is, keep in mind the impact you are creating on your audience.

Why is Personal Branding Important for People in Tech?

When it comes to personal branding for individuals in the tech industry, having a brand lets your target audience research you, know about your experience, and learn what you are about. This is especially for individuals looking to change jobs or work as consultants for different organizations. Sometimes, you need more than a single LinkedIn page with your education and work history. You may also want to establish a website or an Instagram page where you share personal anecdotes that relate to your professional career or share articles that you’ve been reading and find inspiring.  Building a brand will help you establish credibility and have your audience already familiar with your values, goal, and experience before you enter the room. 



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