Sam vandermark

by Sam Vandermark

August 09, 2018

What I Did During My Summer Vacation

This summer I had the opportunity to work as an intern at Moser Consulting. I will be entering my senior year at Indiana University this fall, so I’ve gained proficiency at a variety of technical skills, but I’ve not had much experience applying them to real world tasks. With Moser, I was able to apply those skills in various projects throughout the summer and gain valuable work experience.

I was assigned to the Open Source Application Development Team who made me feel welcome from the start. They would often set aside their own work for a few minutes to help me when I had questions. The teamwork and collaboration that I experienced in creating software at Moser was a welcome surprise.

The Projects

The project that helped me grow the most as a developer was the redesign of two pages for The Company Leadership Team page and the Home page. Throughout the project, I got to communicate with our client and make sure the product fulfilled their expectations. I also had the advantage of getting great mock-ups for my pages, created by Moser’s UX experts.

The Technologies

In redesigning these pages I used HTML, CSS, Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap, Zeplin, and others. These technologies are flexible and fairly easy to learn.

Our goal was to create a framework that would allow us to style the pages to a user’s needs and preferences. HTML and CSS fit this bill nicely. Another advantage to these technologies is that they allow you to easily adjust a single section of a page without altering the product as a whole. This is essential in creating a product that pleases the client.

Another tool that became invaluable to me during my projects was the built-in Developer Tools for Chrome. When building a web page, inspecting is essential to being accurate and efficient. For example, in the past I would reference my style sheet and make a guess on how much padding to add, then refresh my browser, and repeat that process until I got it right. Being able to inspect my page so easily with Chrome Developer Tools allowed me to quickly get a picture of my changes.

Finally, Bootstrap and Zeplin were essential to building the front-end of my pages. Bootstrap allows the page to automatically adjust content to fit the user’s screen size whatever that may be – phone, tablet, monitor, and anything in between. Zeplin allowed me to click on a specific part of my page to get information on fonts, colors, padding, and other attributes.

Being able to complete these pages gave me a great feeling of accomplishment, creating something that will still be live long after my internship is over. I was proud that my final product matched the mockup down to the last detail.

Lessons Learned

During my time on these projects I realized that I prefer the front-end side of programming. However, I also learned the importance of understanding the back-end of an application as well.

Overall, I was incredibly pleased with the internship program at Moser Consulting. I was challenged through several projects that helped me grow and learn as a developer. The experience I’ve gained through this company was everything I had hoped for and more. I’m very thankful for being provided with such an amazing opportunity and getting the chance to be part of such a great company.


Sam vandermark

Sam Vandermark

Sam is a senior at Indiana University pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Informatics with minors in Public Finance and Spanish. He enjoys learning new technologies and is excited about getting into the real world of IT.

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