We put the web to work

Helping clients leverage technology to strengthen the bottom line.

At Moser, we help you engage more customers with websites and mobile apps that offer outstanding user experience, performance, and design.

Your company’s website is often the first place your customers will interact with your business. A poorly designed or outdated website amounts to potentially thousands of lost opportunities every day as prospective customers find your site only to click away in search of a more satisfying online experience. 

The Moser Development Team has the experience you need to manage the entire spectrum of application development, from the discovery and planning of a comprehensive interactive strategy to the development and testing of your online applications and their optimization.


Research and Assessment

We can assess your current website and applications using surveys, one-on-one interviews, focus groups, and market assessments.

We can identify where problems exist in your current applications and conceptualize solutions. 


Interactive Strategy

Every great website and mobile application starts with a strategy, and that is where Moser will start when we develop for your business. We work with you to identify specific goals for interacting with customers or employees online to gain a full understanding of all the underlying processes your web applications need to meet those goals.


User Interface and Interaction Design

It is critically important today that your applications conform to user expectations for input controls, navigational and informational components, and the containers in which they are presented. We use our deep technical expertise and many years of practical experience to design a user interface for your application that is never frustrating.

Moser also considers how tech meets touch, designing interactions with your application that are intuitive and satisfying for the user.


Application Development

Web and e-commerce, cross-platform mobile application development, global mapping solutions, and web animations are just some of the applications we create. Our programmers are top industry professionals with significant experience in .net, JavaScript, PHP, Python, HTML5, SQL, C #, Java, and more. We can also help you integrate your existing applications and databases with new mobile applications.


Usability testing

Moser employs a disciplined approach to usability testing and analysis. We identify the scope of testing and ensure that it focuses on the tasks most critical to your success including those that are performed frequently, those which have serious consequences if done incorrectly, and any others that your management and operational staff are most concerned about.

Then, we will work with you to find participants that accurately represent the users for each task to be tested, write the testing scenarios, and help you implement them. When testing is complete, we will work with you to evaluate the results and fix any problems identified.


SEO/SEM Strategy and Management

Moser’s SEO and SEM Strategy and Management provide a rich data stream to help you diagnose, compare, and improve the visibility of your websites on search engines.


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