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Honeycomb - A Product of Moser Consulting

Data Analytics Simplified

Modernization relies on a Data-First Strategy for business planning.

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Each Company's Unique Data is its Competitive Advantage

That's why we created Honeycomb. Honeycomb is a comprehensive solution designed to centralize a client's data into a usable and proven platform, providing analytics at your doorstep. Honeycomb was designed specifically to decrease the time to value for clients who are more concerned with consumable data, than with platforms and integrations.

Get Quick Time to Value in Any Industry

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Honeycomb Offers

AnsibleRed Hat Ansible Automation Platform
AnalyticsEnd-to-end analytics at your doorstep
Data LakeFully managed, centralized data lake
SecurityBuilt to security and data governance standards
UpscaleAbility to scale quickly

Powered by Leading Technology Standards

Honeycomb's approach to data lake development helps companies launch analytics solutions quickly & establish a data-friendly culture for the long term.

  • Industry Agnostic
  • Built-In Strength from Industry Leading Partners
  • Agile Development Cycles
  • Transparent Costs
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5-Step (8-Week) Startup Plan

Honeycomb was designed to accelerate and manage analytics for clients. It is built to promote organic growth by following our agile approach.

In 8 weeks, or less, we can help your organization start its data driven journey.

Step 1 - Uncover


In the first week, you will be assigned a Product Owner (PO) who will learn about your business strategy, the data within your organization, and identify the initial use case.

Step 2 - Envision


Engineering will focus on the design, applying Honeycomb's engineering practices, with the goal of getting data to a trusted state. Product Owner is working with you to design the delivery of insights.

Step 3 - Design


The engineering team starts the implementation of the data frameworks as the insights team defines the business rules that will be applied in the refinement of the data objects.

Step 4 - Build


Engineering and Insights come together with the development of the refined objects in a demo to the stakeholders. Engineering will swing back into Uncover, Envision, and Design for the next use case.

Step 5 - Manage


The team will complete the implementation of the insights, providing access to the business. They will also document the knowledge management activities.

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Shaun McAdams

Managing Director, Data & Analytics at Moser Consulting

Shaun McAdams is one of Moser's newest directors. He started out as a Principal Consultant and Engagement Manager and now serves as Moser's Practice Director for Big Data...

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