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What is Honeycomb?

Honeycomb is a comprehensive solution designed to centralize a client's data into a usable and proven platform. It is continually developed, released, and managed by the knowledgeable and experienced data experts at Moser Consulting. Honeycomb was designed to decrease the time to value for clients who are more concerned with consumable data than platforms and integrations.

Honeycomb Offers

Data Lake IconFully managed, centralized data lake
Analytics IconEnd-to-end analytics at your doorstep
Upscale IconAbility to scale quickly as needed
Security IconBuilt to security and data governance standards

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Building upon over 20 years of experience in data management, leveraging our technology leaders and vendor relationships, the Honeycomb solution is powered by best-in-class products and practices. This is a massive differentiator from other data and business intelligence solutions which only provide software or a platform. Moser Consulting uses its highly skilled team to support all aspects of our client's honeycomb.

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Honeycomb Price Structure

Pricing of Honeycomb is simple and transparent. It is divided into 3  categories:  Sprint Development CostService Cost, and Cloud Cost. A client can have fixed budgeted sprints, fixed budgeted service fee,  and cloud monitored limits on compute and storage. All three costs are  itemized for honeycomb clients giving clients visibility in to actual  costs.

Platform Fee

Flat fee for the support of the Production Ecosystem
12 month contract, 6 month contract, no contract pricing

✓ Standard & Enterprise Level SLAs
✓ Commercial & Gov't / Non-Profit Pricing

Sprint Development

Variable/Fixed Cost to build out data applications
Based on development hours (48, 72, 104, 136)

✓ Sprints of 2, 3, or 4 weeks (As-Needed)

Cloud Cost

Actual passed through storage and compute expenses
Leverages best practices and Cost Management

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Shaun McAdams

Managing Director, Data & Analytics at Moser Consulting

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