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Honeycomb - A Product of Moser Consulting

Data Analytics Simplified

Modernization relies on a Data-First Strategy for business planning.

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Each Company's Unique Data is its Competitive Advantage

That's why we created Honeycomb. Honeycomb is a comprehensive solution designed to centralize a client's data into a usable and proven platform, providing analytics at your doorstep. Honeycomb was designed specifically to decrease the time to value for clients who are more concerned with consumable data, than with platforms and integrations.

Get Quick Time to Value in Any Industry

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Honeycomb Offers

AnsibleRed Hat Ansible Automation Platform
AnalyticsEnd-to-end analytics at your doorstep
Data LakeFully managed, centralized data lake
SecurityBuilt to security and data governance standards
UpscaleAbility to scale quickly

Powered by Leading Technology Standards

Honeycomb's approach to data lake development helps companies launch analytics solutions quickly & establish a data-friendly culture for the long term.

  • Industry Agnostic
  • Built-In Strength from Industry Leading Partners
  • Agile Development Cycles
  • Transparent Costs
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Focus on Two Main Processes: Discovery and Delivery

Discover, Dream, Design


The Discovery process starts with an idea or a question which needs research, analysis and decision activities, which provide value to both the business and technical teams.

1. Discover.

The initial phase looks to discover the motivations behind the client need. The method of how we answer 'Why' is contingent on the challenge for which we are engaged with a client.

2. Dream.

Next, Moser will answer the question 'How' to define the process and solution that best satisfies the challenges presented from discover. Together we dream the future path forward as Moser presents the Technologies and the Processes described in a comprehensive data and analytics strategy.

3. Design.

Completing the Discovery phase of the Moser approach, we answer 'What' by the design of the steps necessary to implement both the technology and processes presented in dream.

Develop, Deploy, Drive


The Delivery process starts with a solidified set of requirements and tasks for the development team to complete and can be delivered through our Agile methodology.

4. Develop.

Now that we have the right solution, it is time to build it. Develop is the description of those activities, and we build upon this simple term the tasks, including by not limited to testing, required to produce the solution.

5. Deploy.

The created data and/or analytic product is then deployed into a production stage.

6. Drive.

Once something is built, the fun has just started. We need to educate users, drive insights, and maintain the systems and processes created. Drive helps plan and execute those activities.

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Shaun McAdams

Vice President, Data & Analytics at Moser Consulting

Shaun McAdams started out as a Principal Consultant, Engagement Manager, & Practice Director. He now serves as Moser's Vice President for Big Data...

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