we have been building superior business foundations for decades.

Our Infrastructure group delivers unrivaled value to your business on four core values: diversity, experience, integrity, and teamwork. Our experts have designed, built, and managed infrastructure powering segment leaders across Private, Public, and Government entities. Whether your need is an operational resource, a system administrator, or a highly-experienced consultant, Moser’s infrastructure team can provide people who will strengthen your team.

Our industry-proven experts will advise you on how to use your technology to best achieve your business objectives. In addition, Moser Consulting can provide you with management, implementation, deployment, and administration of your systems.

We measure our success by your success.

Requirements and Measurement

The genesis of any effective consulting relationship starts with determining your success requirements. In this interactive discovery process, we'll team our experts with your stakeholders to decide exactly what business needs and goals you have.

Technology Experts

After determining a roadmap to success, placing the right professional in the right role is the next step.

Each organization has its own unique business culture, methodology, and challenges. At Moser Consulting, we don't just fill seats - we strive to provide you with the best consultant to fit your situation. After a careful vetting process, including interviews by your management staff, we will find the best candidate for you.

Project Fulfillment

After placement within your organization, our consultants report directly to your management staff. Our consultants are not only industry-recognized experts in specific technologies but are also trained in business and management language skills.

Some of our tools

RedHat Enterprise Linux - Oracle Enterprise Linux - CentOS - Ubuntu - Debian - Solaris - AIX - VMware - Oracle VM for x86 - Oracle VM for SPARC - IBM LPAR - Linux Containers - Solaris Containers - KVM - Xen - RedHat Atomic Host - Docker - Ranger - Cattle - Kubernetes - RedHat OpenShift - Ansible - Chef - Puppet

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