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The depth and breadth of the Moser Managed Services Team allows Moser to offer custom-designed value for clients with even the most challenging needs, giving them confidence that their technology follows all industry best practices to make it scalable, reliable, and secure.

The value of Moser Managed Services begins with an understanding of your technology strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the Discovery Phase; quantifying the technology services to be provided in the Solution Phase; and the increased business technology performance, reliability and cost savings gained through Delivery.

Moser Managed Services provides professional support for data, software, and hardware that transitions technology management responsibility from the client to Moser Consulting. Moser Managed Services offers a variety of engagement options custom-designed to add value and create benefits by:

  • Repurposing capital investment by reducing operating cost variability
  • Allowing the client to focus on core competencies with confidence in technology capabilities
  • Knowing that technology security, scalability, and reliability follow industry best practices
  • Leveraging the depth and breadth of the Moser Managed Services Team

Moser Managed Services provides IT as a Service (ITaaS), allowing clients to devote critical resources to achieve business objectives rather than managing increasingly-complex internal IT operations.

Proactive Technology Management

Proactive Technology Management is delivered through Moser’s centralized managed services team. Moser utilizes sophisticated network monitoring tools and applications to proactively manage and monitor your entire technical infrastructure. This includes the maintenance and regular testing of Moser defined backup solution in addition to the completion of standardized system maintenance and patch updating tasks for your servers, desktops, and network devices. These activities are completed on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis and ensure the continual reliability, performance, and optimization of your network, computers, and devices.

With advanced management and automation tools, our dedicated team of IT professionals can remotely manage large numbers of computers and network devices in a highly efficient manner. This team of highly experienced IT professionals monitors our client’s current environment daily to determine if we can predict, prevent, or automatically correct any of the current issues our clients are experiencing. By following this process Moser has created several maintenance procedures and system monitors to help drastically lower the number of issues for our clients.

  • Apply necessary monitor sets to servers and workstations
  • Review system specifications to verify they are in line with your business needs
  • Perform monthly maintenance on network devices, including firewalls
  • Perform daily and monthly backups
  • Monitor daily tickets and create new procedures to prevent further tickets
  • Provide vendor management, as needed

Network and Server Monitoring

  • Automatically discovers all network devices & interfaces
  • Monitors CPU, Memory, Temperature, Fan, and other hardware
  • Interface Metrics - Throughput, Packet & Error Rates, Utilization, Flaps
  • Track BGP sessions and OSPF adjacencies
  • Watch & alert on Power Over Ethernet loads (POE)
  • Wireless access-point monitoring
  • And more - QoS Policies, IP SLA Profiles, VPNs, VoIP features, etc.

Network Administration

Moser’s Network Administration services consist of highly trained network administrators. Moser technology professionals are accountable for the uptime and optimization of your technical environment. In addition, these individuals will conduct regularly scheduled audits to review your environment against best practices for performance and reliability. The Moser Network Administrators will document your network, enforce best practices, perform a detailed overview of your monthly service reports, and evaluate your network and data risk level. Our network administrators will continuously verify that your network is set up properly and that our clients are receiving the correct monitor sets and maintenance procedures.

They also work closely with third-party vendors to help avoid the “finger-pointing” between hardware and software suppliers. All of our Moser Network Administrators have at least five years of relevant experience and hold multiple technical certifications.

  • Run Weekly Maintenance Procedures (Examples)
  • Antivirus Updates
    • Clear Temporary Internet Files
    • Clean Java Cache
    • Flush DNS
    • Clean Internet Explorer Cookies
    • Clean Windows Temp files
    • Validate Windows and Office Licenses
    • Install Microsoft Security Patches
  • Run Monthly Maintenance Procedures (Examples)
    • Defrag Hard drive
    • Backup System Registry
    • Cleanup Apps from System Tray
    • Scan System for Malware
    • List System Administrators

Reactive Support Services

The Moser Managed Services Help Desk team provides comprehensive support, including accessible live support and access to our customer portal. Moser's customer portal provides 24/7 access to active and archived requests, assuring that clients never have to worry about response and resolution. Moser clients can rely on our team of certified IT professionals to understand their unique systems and to resolve their complex issues in an effective and efficient manner so that they can focus on their own business needs.

  • Remote Help Desk
  • Onsite support 
  • Provides live support via the telephone
  • Provides support via email
  • Each Moser client is assigned a support team so that all calls are answered by an IT professional familiar with the client's systems 
  • Moser works with each client to customize a unique managed service plan that targets a short response to resolution time for all requests 

Technology Consulting

Technology Consulting will be provided by a dedicated Moser Engagement Manager (EM). Your EM will provide you with valuable strategic and tactical consulting and advice to ensure the continual alignment of technology to your business goals and objectives. Your EM will meet with your team to review a comprehensive Technology Summary Report. This report is prepared by members of your support team and contains consolidated data and key performance indicators generated by our support tools and applications. These reports will provide you with critical insight and unique visibility as to the status of your infrastructure environment which can serve as a solid basis for an informed IT planning process. In addition, your EM can assist with technology strategy, recommendations, high-level project design, project oversight, and IT budget planning and preparation.

  • IT Consulting Services
  • Vendor Management
    • Work directly with your other IT related vendors
    • Eliminates confusion and finger-pointing
    • Verify the proper configuration of 3rd party applications
    • Purchasing hardware and software for the infrastructure where appropriate
    • Planning timescale and the resources needed for projects
  • Meet with Your Management Team Monthly
    • Review companies risk or IT related exposure
    • Review all technology cost at least once a year
    • Discuss our recommendations for the upcoming year
    • Help with your IT budget planning
    • Address any of your upcoming needs
    • Inform you of new relevant technology advances
    • Examine the existing IT infrastructure
    • Discuss our recommendations for the upcoming year

Professional Services

Moser provides as-needed professional services. Professional Services (Projects) are defined as a project that requires over 40 hours of labor time. The Moser Professional Services delivery team, Subject-Matter Experts, and Project Managers help ensure the productivity of your staff. This enables you to focus on the more pressing issues of expanding your business, managing costs, and increasing revenues and profitability. Our team of dedicated technical professionals provides a wide range of services.

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