A single hour of data downtime costs 98% of firms at least $100,000 in lost sales, lost productivity and other costs.

It is time to change the IT break-fix cycle.

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Truly Proactive IT Managed Services

A study at UC Irvine found that it takes the average person 23 minutes to get back on task after an interruption. One unexpected drop-in from a coworker? That’s half an hour lost. That might not be at the top of many employers’ list of concerns in our increasingly remote world. But now more than ever, IT issues kill productivity.

Every minute of server downtime, every forgotten email password, every time your technology doesn’t just work is 23 minutes you’ll never get back. Over the course of a single month, what does that cost in lost productivity and lost dollars? The answer to this question is what drives Moser Consulting to take a proactive approach to our IT managed services.

We break the cycle of reactive break-fixes by proactively managing every aspect of your business technology. That means less downtime, fewer emergency IT issues, and more uptime and staff productivity.

Jevon Brenneman, Operations Manager at UHAS

Once we switched to Moser’s Managed Services and put our systems on AWS, there just wasn’t downtime…When you have people working in various parts of the country and they feel like they’re working together in the same space, that’s huge.

Jeff Curiel, Indianapolis
Neighborhood Housing Partnership

Moser proved to be an organization that could help us proactively keep our IT running smoothly so they could help us focus on strategic planning for the future.


Jevon Brenneman, UHAS Health Actuaries

Our time is money. We needed to convey that to an IT partner that if we had downtime, we were losing money. Moser understood that.


Customized IT Managed Services for Any Organization

Moser Consulting’s managed services solution is born from decades of experience in data management, security, app development, and network management to offer:

  • Managed Support
  • Layered Security
  • Managed Backup
  • Server Management
  • Workstation Management
  • Network Management

No two organizations are alike, that’s why our broad service offerings serve as a roadmap for each managed services client’s unique experience. While the destination remains the same—reliable and secure IT that keeps your data safe and your employees productive—each step along the way is designed to meet your specific needs.

A Tale of Two Clients Case Study


The best way to make a point is to show, not tell, and it’s in that spirit we share A Tale of Two Clients, a case study that shows how our managed services have helped two organizations: a nonprofit organization and a commercial enterprise. Download now to start charting your course to the IT outcomes your organization needs.

Managed IT Services That Make Your Life Easier

We don’t believe in just keeping up with appearances, whether it’s in the work we do or the culture we build at Moser Consulting. We’re more than a reliable IT managed services provider—we’re also consistently recognized as one of the Best Places to Work in Indiana and an award-winning partner across North America.

Managing IT isn’t about waiting for something to break, and then fixing it. Or waiting for a client to get good and angry before coming up with solutions to recurring problems. Upgrades and new software implementations have the potential to make or break business success. We believe in permanent fixes achieved through innovation and smart, strategic technology investments.

Reducing Costs with Sensible Managed Services

Sometimes keeping a business going can feel like keeping a boat afloat. It’s not just the captain at the wheel, or sailors charting the course, or the crew making engine repairs; all of these parties are equally responsible for the ship’s voyage.

In the same way, running a business is a composite of vastly different needs, wants, expenses, and requirements, but each component is vital—as long as it’s working toward the same vision. If the whole team isn’t working together, however, the proverbial ship can veer wildly out of control—which means wasted time and wasted money.





IT managed services may come from an outside vendor, but they need to be making recommendations and decisions while looking through the same lens as the team.

At Moser Consulting, our approach to any client engagement is to help strategize and execute which plan truly works best for their needs. Does this database provide the right level of support? Is this tech tool the right one at the right price? We’re not looking to sell a client on a solution that serves us; we’re in the business of making sure IT keeps everything and everyone going. If managed IT service providers are making you seasick, maybe it’s time to chart a course for Moser Consulting.

Download our white paper

Whether it’s choosing new hardware, new software, going through a cloud update, trying to meet security regulations, or even building software of your own, we pride ourselves on being an IT one-stop shop you can trust. To better understand exactly how our experts become an extension of your IT team, explore the two very different client success stories in our white paper.