Observability platform helps accelerate digital transformation with greater confidence and less risk

Moser Consulting, an Indianapolis-based technology consulting company, today announced it has partnered with software intelligence company Dynatrace to enable its customers to simplify cloud management and accelerate digital transformation. The Dynatrace® Software Intelligence Platform provides automatic and intelligent observability across hybrid, multicloud environments, offering precise answers into application, microservice, and infrastructure performance, with root-cause determination prioritized according to business impact. This helps customers transform the way their digital teams work, enabling them to deliver new services faster and proactively optimize digital experiences for their customers.

“As organizations innovate faster to accelerate digital transformation, they increasingly rely on dynamic cloud-native architectures. This creates complexity, with containers and microservices that come and go in seconds, and a volume and velocity of data that’s beyond human ability to manage,” said Troy Wright, Head of Partner Sales North America, Dynatrace. “With advanced observability, continuous automation and AI-assistance built into the core of the platform, Dynatrace provides digital teams with the most precise and actionable code-level insights for their applications and infrastructure. This enables organizations to migrate more services to the cloud and transform even faster, with greater confidence and less risk. We are excited to work with Moser to provide the full-stack observability that will empower its customers to continue developing innovative digital experiences and services.”

With Dynatrace, Moser can enable digital teams with a single source of truth, eliminating internal silos, increasing cross-team collaboration and efficiency, and delivering stronger business outcomes. The  Dynatrace® Software Intelligence Platform includes multiple modules, underpinned by a unified data platform. Dynatrace’s AI engine, Davis™, built into the core of its platform, proactively delivers precise answers to any system degradations or performance anomalies, with root-cause determination. Davis automatically prioritizes these answers based on business impact, allowing digital teams to respond immediately to what matters most. This enables them to accelerate digital transformation, simplify operations, and continuously drive positive business outcomes.

With deep integrations with all major cloud providers, including Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and AWS, as well as the latest cloud-native technologies and architectures, such as Red Hat OpenShift, ServiceNow, and Kubernetes, Dynatrace is purpose-built for today’s dynamic hybrid and multicloud environments.

Dynatrace and Moser’s partnership is a natural combination that will deliver real results for clients. “We feel this collaboration is a natural fit for us and will increase our reach with a more complete technical solutions package,” said Ty Moser, CEO of Moser Consulting.

You can learn more about Moser’s partnership with Dynatrace on the Moser Tech blog or on our podcast, ASCII Anything.

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