These days, it seems like there is always chatter about employees of the IT industry. From zany startup CEOs to stories about programmers who never see the light of day, it’s fair to say that no matter their tech roles, IT employees definitely have reputations that precede them.

It would be easy to write an article about basic IT roles that answers questions like:

  • What are the different positions in IT?
  • What are the roles of an IT department?
  • Or how many IT jobs are there?

But at Moser, we like to think outside the box, so we are getting a bit more creative with it. Ever heard of a little something called man’s best friend? Yeah we’re talking about dogs, dawg. More specifically, we’re discussing how IT roles are like dog breeds. We’re breaking it down from guard dogs to the pups who are just happy to be here, and how your IT employees have more in common with a golden retriever than you might think.

Basic IT Traits

It might come as no surprise that there are certain traits associated with successful IT employees. What might surprise you (at least a little) is what those traits are. According to a 2014 study, IT individuals display these nine traits in significantly different amounts than average employees:

  • Higher Tough-Mindedness
  • Higher Agreeableness
  • Lower Extraversion
  • Lower Assertiveness
  • Lower Optimism
  • Lower Work Drive
  • Lower Conscientiousness
  • Lower Emotional Stability
  • Lower Customer Service Orientation

At first, this may seem like kind of a depressing list. And we know what you’re thinking, no dog breed embodies all of these traits. Sure, you have Golden Retrievers who are super agreeable, but have you ever met one you’d consider pessimistic? Didn’t think so. And yeah okay, English Bulldogs aren’t exactly known for their high work drive, but they aren’t introverts either.

Here’s the good news, since the list of IT roles is long and this study simply lumped nearly 13,000 IT employees together, it doesn’t necessarily reflect the difference in characteristics from role to role. In fact there are still some more fun and exciting traits prevalent across the IT industry.


One of the more common traits in tech roles is creativity. Take software developers for example. Developing software is the IT equivalent of writing a movie script or creating a song. It requires creative thinking, design, revision, problem solving, and more. Developers have a passion for IT. Where others see a problem, they see a solution. Kind of like a husky stuck in a cage. Where other dogs might see no way out, a husky simply pokes, prods, and wiggles until it escapes or gets caught trying.

Security Oriented

BEWARE OF DOG! What are you imagining after seeing one of those signs? A german shepherd? Maybe a Rottweiler or Doberman? Maybe it’s just one of those cliche high school decals for the classic Bulldogs mascot. But let’s assume it’s legit; these signs are up for a reason. When it comes to trespassing and home security, these dogs are not playing around, whether it’s real threats, or simply perceived ones (looking at you UPS lady). The same can be said for cybersecurity experts. With architects, engineers, or testers, security is the priority. That means being alert to threats of any kind at any time and taking their job seriously.


Ah yes, if you are a dog owner yourself or a fan of funny animal videos on YouTube (like this one) you probably saw this one coming. While Huskies and Samoyeds are world renowned for their back talk and nearly human sounding vocals, there are many types of dogs that communicate. The same goes for IT employees. Whether it’s senior IT roles communicating with their employees or members on the same team working together to finish a sprint, clear and effective communication is a key ingredient to success. And who knows, maybe after staring at a screen all day your coding co-worker might just want to go on a walk too.


Many happy dog-owning households adopted their critter. Now you may be thinking how on earth does this relate to IT, but don’t worry we are getting there. While adopted dogs are not exactly a breed per say, they all share some things in common. One example is the fact they all had a life and set of experiences prior to you taking them in. Maybe they were in a rough home situation, strays, or simply in need of a new owner. Sometimes they come with certain behaviors or skills that they picked up during this time of their life (albeit both good and bad).

Again, how does that relate? Well, what you might not know is that the IT industry is actually one of the leaders when it comes to hiring veterans. Veterans make great IT employees for all sorts of reasons, from their composure under pressure to their strict time management skills. Not to mention, you know they can work as a part of a team to achieve a common goal. When it comes to hiring or “adopting” veterans, it’s important to understand their background to be able to truly assess their potential value to an IT team. In fact, this is a solid rule of thumb for many IT applicants, as thousands of people each year are switching to tech from other industries.

Moser Consulting…Zooming Past the Competition

Now, not every dog is right for every person. But, whether you need help navigating the current IT landscape or with a more specific project, Moser Consulting is here to help. With over 25 years of experience we’ve seen and one almost everything. With the staff and solutions to help you grow and reach your potential, the only question to ask is why we didn’t partner sooner. To learn more about how Moser can help you get from the doghouse to the penthouse, contact us today!