Have you ever wondered what profession has the most veterans? The answer is tech. 32% of the tech workforce served in the military, especially veterans now employed in public sector cybersecurity or working for defense contractors.

Not every tech employer does work that requires a security clearance, but they can all benefit from hiring veterans. Moser Consulting did some research about why veterans are such great tech employees and we’re sharing it with you in this blog.

Why Do Veterans Make Good Employees?

There are many reasons veterans make great employees in any industry. These include cross-cultural collaboration skills, an ability to innovate, and a sense of how their behaviors impact themselves and others. US Veterans also mentions presentation skills, quick thinking, and a desire to conserve resources as strengths veterans bring to any work environment.

There are also operational benefits to hiring veterans. Consider these findings from the Linkedn Veteran Opportunity Report:

  • Veterans are 39% more likely to move into a leadership role within their first three years.
  • Veterans stay with their employer around 8% longer than nonveterans.
  • 55% of veterans say they want to pursue different careers than the ones they had in the military.

Hiring a veteran is a great move for any company looking to invest in a high-potential candidate with loyalty and the potential for a leadership role.

Why Veterans are Good Employees in Tech

Veterans make great tech employees specifically because of their adaptability, critical thinking, and ability to collaborate toward achieving a common goal. Veterans have the soft skills tech employers need: they are savvy, fast learners, and good under pressure. Some technical education may be required, but veterans can fill any role in a tech company, from developer to sales.

As we mentioned earlier, the tech sector employs the most veterans of any industry in the economy. HP and Oracle tie when it comes to having veterans in leadership positions, while Cisco and Microsoft have the most veterans in sales roles. HP and Microsoft also lead in the number of veterans committed to research and design. Other companies like Boeing and Salesforce have rolled out impressive veterans engagement programs to attract veterans to their teams and onboard them in a way that maximizes their unique skills and strengths.

What Does it Mean to be a Veteran Friendly Employer?

Being a veteran-friendly employer starts with your values. The military is a values-driven culture and so your work environment must be the same. For a veteran, an understanding of how their work advances the company’s values is important.

Setting up a dedicated veteran hiring program that seeks out qualified veterans to apply for open roles takes intentionality and resources, but it is part of being a veteran-friendly employer. You have to show the veterans you are friendly! 25% of companies told LinkedIn they had a hard time finding veterans to hire, and it’s true that there are many systems and job boards to sort through during any hiring process. That’s why a public-facing program can attract veterans to you instead of the other way around. Otherwise, you may need to make adaptations to your candidate screening and hiring process to ensure veterans’ resumes are being fully considered for the strengths they represent.

Another cultural way to be a veteran-friendly employer is to include the spouse and family of the employees in company events and recognitions. Servicemembers often spend long periods of time away from their families, and the chance to celebrate more with them in civilian life is usually deeply valued and appreciated.

The US Department of Veterans Affairs published a 2013 in-depth report on recruiting and retaining veterans in the workplace. While the economy has certainly shifted since the report’s findings, there are in-depth interviews and insights about the emotional experiences of veterans in the report which employers can still find valuable.

Moser Consulting Celebrates All Veterans In Technology!

Moser Consulting has been in technology for more than 25 years because we love to deliver solutions to problems. We celebrate that tech has grown into the main industry where so many veterans find the opportunity to use their skills and improve the solutions that are delivered.

If you need help finding time to implement a veteran hiring program, our managed services solutions could free up time in your schedule. Or, if you would benefit from team training to help veterans you have already hired maximize their potential, we also offer learning services. Our community serves our veterans best when we all work together, and Moser Consulting is here to help you. Contact us today!