Whether it’s traditional, self-service & data discovery, or a hybrid, Moser can implement the right Business Intelligence solution for you. 

Moser Consulting has implemented a wide range of data-driven Business Intelligence Solutions by leveraging technology to support and enhance business processes. At Moser, we know that identifying which business units will use the BI solution and for what purpose provides a fundamental step to a successful solution. Moser has Business Intelligence experience with government, healthcare, finance, eCommerce, energy, education, nonprofit, technology, and manufacturing industries.

Speed to value

If you are searching for a Business Intelligence solution, you are aware that the industry is becoming more competitive. Successful companies know that having data-driven and actionable results before the competition is key to beating the competition. At Moser, we have experts in end-to-end ETL/ELT solutions who understand the relationship between speed and value. Whether your solution requires ETL or ELT, we can efficiently move your source data into a standard, consumable, and accessible format that provides your organization the foundation for success. 

Data Structure

At Moser, we are experts at structuring data into central data repositories, operational data stores, data marts, or an enterprise data warehouse to fulfill your organization’s BI strategy. Moser quickly learns your organization’s business units, processes, and hierarchies which is required to deliver a successful enterprise solution. We understand and provide solutions to common problems organizations face, such as determining the actual source of truth along with creating enterprise-wide unique identifiers to properly structure your organization’s data.

Data Governance

No single source of truth? Are data defined and used differently among business units? Have you had conversations regarding a KPI only to learn that the calculation was wrong? Moser has experience with master data management and data governance solutions. Take back control of your data and drive those insights.

Business Intelligence Tools

Whether your budget requires a big-name BI tool or an up-and-comer, we can implement the right BI tool for you. At Moser, we know that the key to successfully implementing a Business Intelligence tool relies on having the right foundation in place.

Here’s a brief list of BI Tools and technologies Moser BI experts have used to deliver Business Intelligence value:

  • Power BI
  • Tableau
  • QlikView
  • Qlik Sense
  • SSRS
  • SSAS
  • Cognos
  • SAP
  • Pentaho
  • SSIS
  • Informatica


KPIs, scorecards, charts, graphs, heat maps, descriptive, prescriptive, and predictive analytics are all synonyms of a successful BI implementation at Moser. Our report capabilities provide flexible semantic layers, instantaneous drill throughs, visuals that reach out and grab your attention, and the flexibility and potential for self-service & data discovery.

moser success stories

Restructure Business Processes

A nationally-recognized not-for-profit organization engaged Moser Consulting to address their data warehouse system. Moser learned that staff transitions and lack of documentation translated to poor support and response times. Moser addressed the performance issues by re-writing and streamlining, and documenting the entire system within weeks; just in time to support new business technology demands.

Creating a streamlined data repository

An insurance company had a month-end process that became more challenging and cumbersome as time passed. Many Excel spreadsheets were used in the custom month-end accounting/reporting process.  Spreadsheets contained dozens of worksheets with formulas that built on each other and often grew in complexity across multiple worksheets. Updates to formulas, percentages, or claims required manual intervention and were error-prone.

The process of exporting, manipulating, and creating month-end reports was taking 4-5 days to complete when Moser partnered with the client. Moser architected a central data repository. This structured data repository creates unique global Ids by line of business which allows the merging of data from source databases to produce month-end accounting reports, BI reports, productivity reports, and loss ratio reports for internal/external report consumption. The month-end report process now takes 2 or 3 minutes to run.

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